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Ahmad ibrahim secondary!
Class of 2008 , 1e4 (:
made up of 38 kiddies & 1 Mr Ong :D

forever united!

class motto :
Didn't make sense not to live for fun

form teacher mr ong
intellecture CL vaithiesis
moral CL unni
physical CL fiona
social CL linda
asthetics CL lydia

blog maintained by LINDA .

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Christmas is waiting for you baby.


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Class list!
1. Alvin Woo : Band
2. Brendon Teo : Band
3. Chenhui : CO
4. Aric Chong: CO
5. Danial Mirza : Scouts
6. Fiona Thng : Dance Ensemble, Leo Club
7. Unni : ODDS
8. Goh Quanen : SJAB
9. Kevin Zoe : Track
10.Ko Kayau : ODDS
11.Benjamin Lew : NCC Land
12.Linda Lim : Dance Ensemble , Leo Club
13.Lim Shuyu : CO
14.Lydia Wong : CO
15.Nadiah : Netball
16.Ng Junyang : Band
17.Ng Jingkang : Shooting
18.Ngoh Maywan : CO
19.Izzuddin : NCC land
20.Marcus Puah : Basketball
21.Shaik : Band
22.Sherilyn : Netball
23.Sheryl : Netball
24.Sia Jiaheng : NCC Land
25.Elvin Sim : Basketball
26.Nuraisyah : Shooting
27.Sufia : Netball
28.Marina : Shooting
29.Ervin : basketball
30.Qiu Ling : Girlguides
31.Weijie : NCCland
32.Yonghuat : Track
33.Toni : ODDS, art club
34.Vaithieis : ODDS
35.Wilbert : Basketball
36.Cheeseng : NPCC
37.Junwei : NCCsea
38.Weida : ODDS
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2009 2009 2009 !

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Hello! What are you doing here? 2E4 2009

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

( I'm bumping this up to increase the notice of you guys ) Updated, so please read ok


to bring list
DATES : 28*, 29**, 30***, 1st november#
*afternoon check in, so it would be a halfday on that day
**2nd day, most activtives will take place here , includes BBQ
***free day~ can organise own activies on that day . nothing much becuase it was an extra day and i didnt plan anything .
#nothing on that day, pack up and leave in the morning.

Most people would leave on the 3rd day becuase they cant stay for long .

Number of people who paid
*not staying overnight/only a few nights
*whom's payment is with fiona -ignore this , for my own reference only
1. Elvin
2. Yonghuat
3. Jiaheng
4. Weida
5. Cheeseng
6. Benjamin
7. Jingkang
8. Kevin
9. Nuraisyah
10. Weijie
11. Brendon
12. Alvin
13. Sufia
14. Quanen
15. Marcus
16. Fiona

Currently attendance : 16/38 .
Gogo people!

Payment for the bbq food will be made to Elvin and marcus a few days before the actual chalet .

Weijie and Jiaheg to be in-charge ofthe cutlery~!

List of food items we have to buy/use the money : o ( $70 budget )
In charge : Elvin and Marcus
Drinks, Seafood, Chicken , Potato, Straw mushroom , Bacon , Corn

List of food items prepared by pupils/parents : o
Fried rice ( Marcus ) , Sambal kangkong ( Elvin )

List of food items to be brought by pupils/parents : o
Snacks, Drinks(?), Satay ( Sheryl )

contact linda for any ammendments to this . thanks

-to be continued (:


We have checked the chalet !

It will be located near escape theme park . You know beside the Theme park, theres the pasir ris park? Before you go there theres a bike rental shop? Yeah, go in there and the chalets are in there .

Our room will be at 'S' , which is pretty far . It's nearer to the beach . But not that far ok . Far as in the chalet blocks itself .

and good news

theres a swimming pool just next to our chalet . yup .With the life guard and all lol . Medium pool and BABY pool if im not wrong (:

Checked that the beaches are safe, so we can play there . So maybe we can play our waterbombs there . Yay .

Girls, please come for the chalet . Why do i see no answer from you? Come on !

I will try and come and help out for the chalet . If nothing goes on . But I wont be playing . ):

Do check back for more details (:

Where's the other half of the class?

Oh and, I'll be asking for you contacts soon . Perhaps after my stay in hospy XD .

See ya .