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Ahmad ibrahim secondary!
Class of 2008 , 1e4 (:
made up of 38 kiddies & 1 Mr Ong :D

forever united!

class motto :
Didn't make sense not to live for fun

form teacher mr ong
intellecture CL vaithiesis
moral CL unni
physical CL fiona
social CL linda
asthetics CL lydia

blog maintained by LINDA .

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Christmas is waiting for you baby.


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Class list!
1. Alvin Woo : Band
2. Brendon Teo : Band
3. Chenhui : CO
4. Aric Chong: CO
5. Danial Mirza : Scouts
6. Fiona Thng : Dance Ensemble, Leo Club
7. Unni : ODDS
8. Goh Quanen : SJAB
9. Kevin Zoe : Track
10.Ko Kayau : ODDS
11.Benjamin Lew : NCC Land
12.Linda Lim : Dance Ensemble , Leo Club
13.Lim Shuyu : CO
14.Lydia Wong : CO
15.Nadiah : Netball
16.Ng Junyang : Band
17.Ng Jingkang : Shooting
18.Ngoh Maywan : CO
19.Izzuddin : NCC land
20.Marcus Puah : Basketball
21.Shaik : Band
22.Sherilyn : Netball
23.Sheryl : Netball
24.Sia Jiaheng : NCC Land
25.Elvin Sim : Basketball
26.Nuraisyah : Shooting
27.Sufia : Netball
28.Marina : Shooting
29.Ervin : basketball
30.Qiu Ling : Girlguides
31.Weijie : NCCland
32.Yonghuat : Track
33.Toni : ODDS, art club
34.Vaithieis : ODDS
35.Wilbert : Basketball
36.Cheeseng : NPCC
37.Junwei : NCCsea
38.Weida : ODDS
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Hello! What are you doing here? 2E4 2009

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello E4 .

I like to empasize on this ,

if you claim that you are not spamming . Please , for god sake type everything into one post . Dont keep enter enter enter enter . That one not call spamming then is called what?

Dont you ever play with E4 .

I'm starting to suspect people . And I clearly know that it invovled not just one person . But one group itself .

It's obivous .

Because we have already caught the previous spammer .

Everyone knows .

Can who here can be so against Marina and Lydia? Must be the girls what .
Who knows so much about the people in CO? Must be someone in CO also what .
Who here actually knew who Marina like when she only told few? Must be the girls what
Who previously spammed the class blog with matching IPs? Obivously its him what .
Who can type disgusting english like this one the cbox? Only her what .

How many more evidence do you want me to pinpoint out for you?

Weijie mentioned settling in class on Monday .

I shall see .

This thing will stop once and for all . IT's exam and you people are sick enough to play this game within ourselves .

Please be sensible . Can you be more diciplined yourself .

The internet is never safe . girl .


Now for the happy part .

I will be selecting groups to be incharge of certain things regarding the chalet during the upcoming holiday .

Details as followed :

I will be making sure of certain things . Will elaborate more on this soon, so in a nutshell,

Games committee : in charged of ice breakers , wet weather programes .

Food committee : in charged of the BBQ, + food for the upcoming year end celebration* ( will be known to you soon (: )

Administrative : more of assisting the others and helping out in this whole thing : D

Nothing much for now .

Will discuss the chalet dates with you and hopefully Mr Ong will book the chalets . Dont forget . You gotta pay for it since you kiddies have requested for quite an amount :

2 rooms, 3 days 2 nights .

see you in, 2 days time .