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Ahmad ibrahim secondary!
Class of 2008 , 1e4 (:
made up of 38 kiddies & 1 Mr Ong :D

forever united!

class motto :
Didn't make sense not to live for fun

form teacher mr ong
intellecture CL vaithiesis
moral CL unni
physical CL fiona
social CL linda
asthetics CL lydia

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Christmas is waiting for you baby.


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Class list!
1. Alvin Woo : Band
2. Brendon Teo : Band
3. Chenhui : CO
4. Aric Chong: CO
5. Danial Mirza : Scouts
6. Fiona Thng : Dance Ensemble, Leo Club
7. Unni : ODDS
8. Goh Quanen : SJAB
9. Kevin Zoe : Track
10.Ko Kayau : ODDS
11.Benjamin Lew : NCC Land
12.Linda Lim : Dance Ensemble , Leo Club
13.Lim Shuyu : CO
14.Lydia Wong : CO
15.Nadiah : Netball
16.Ng Junyang : Band
17.Ng Jingkang : Shooting
18.Ngoh Maywan : CO
19.Izzuddin : NCC land
20.Marcus Puah : Basketball
21.Shaik : Band
22.Sherilyn : Netball
23.Sheryl : Netball
24.Sia Jiaheng : NCC Land
25.Elvin Sim : Basketball
26.Nuraisyah : Shooting
27.Sufia : Netball
28.Marina : Shooting
29.Ervin : basketball
30.Qiu Ling : Girlguides
31.Weijie : NCCland
32.Yonghuat : Track
33.Toni : ODDS, art club
34.Vaithieis : ODDS
35.Wilbert : Basketball
36.Cheeseng : NPCC
37.Junwei : NCCsea
38.Weida : ODDS
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Hello! What are you doing here? 2E4 2009

Friday, May 16, 2008

update update update !

another major post : D !

class blog matters

sufia's blog link, up!
invitation resent to those who have yet to accept

past events

capture the flag
our class made it to the finals (: thats a good achievement! though many unpleasant things happen, do take in mind E4! Don't care them yeah? Deep inside our hearts we all know that we won, and thats good enough . So, don't argue with them !

to other classes,

if you say that our team doesn't want to move and is a noob/ sucks . but if you can't win us just by camping , and start calling us all those nonsense, now who's in the wrong?

even if someone runs out of the hall, and grabs the flag . in the end still didn't win yes? why don't you start shouting and complaining only after something bad happens? and not kick up such a big fuss over it?

even so, why don't we get everyone clear of the game rules first?

and i snapped down a video during the finals where 1t1 got 1e4's flag .

the person who grabbed the flag is someone who's in 'jail ' . or not at least somebody in e4 would be aware when you ran over .

but that doens't matter .

we are more CONCERNED of our classmates . after the matches, we came back and saw our belongings RANSACKED .

given that almost every secondary 1 class were there cheering for 1t1, how are we , supposed to know who did it?

their uniforms were stepped on, our bags were kicked around, people lost their things .


we have a suspect in our minds . and we have already reported .

and to 1e3, you all can praise you sportsmanship R very good all you want, but . does complaining and asking for a rematch with our team for like, 3 times, and when losing, scolding us = SPORTSMANSHIP?

Thanks to E2 E1 E5 T1 N2 who helped us when we complained to da judges abt
E4Thanks to E4

for showing sportmanship and giving us a very good game......

what is this?

the whole event just didn't turn out that well .

and it totally ruined our class's spirits .

i'm repeating this : if any of you dislike 1E4, then don't bother coming . we wont entertain you.

sports day

i like to thank our fellow classmates who tried their best to do well in the run (:

and all pray that kevin gets well soon!

hall of fame
the very choingsters

fiona for agreeing to take part in the 1.5km after being drained out in the 100 heats, and preparing for the finals (: yahaaaaaa

weida for taking part in well, every single run yesterday! you tired your best! (:

june holiday outing

regarding the outing, i will confirm with you regardnig the activity during on the the lessons yeah? (: woo !

class tee

currently contacting the supplier now!

thats all for now, have a great weekend ahead !