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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A better situation.

Hi guys xD i'm back on blogging, sry for those who w8ing for updates Dx i am pretty busy these few weeks(handphone lost , ezlink lost , class stuff, CCA keep delaying and other problem which i dont wan to mention in the blog x) so today i am gonna talk about somthing again but this time more special =D coz i'll talk 2 factor related to a thing(i guess) so let us start XD

work or help.

woot!! maybe some people confuse on what is help or work... basically...
Helping = doing something to someone but oneself does not expect something from another person
Working= something to be expected after doing something (and desperately expect sumthing)from another person

so if you're helping someone , expect nothing from the person(not even a praise i guess), if a person appreciate what you had done to them , i am sure they'll have the initiative to THANK YOU :)
but.... do you know that the is a type of helping which you yourselves expect something to happen after u help?
yes that's call helping yourself

helping means that make the condition better no matter what happen , if the condition worsen it call not helping ( -.-" i am so *in study* with science that i love to use the word "non" & "not" these days)

Positive Side of anything.

ie xie , thx you for reading until here haha xD i hope this (last but not least) part u'll enjoy it more x3

as i mention in above... many bad thing happening to me these few weeks...
so what's my key to not be sad(emo xDDD ok i love the emo song!!! but i dont cut myself x) is
positive thinking

know its hard to think positive all time especially when thing just getting worse... but like i said in the previous post about emo, stoning around just doesn't help anything...
as my handphone lost... i just thought the world is going to end -.-" , i was so sad then...
but some quote just went in through my mind...
it said
"it's better to be stolen than stealing others"

his sentence just strike my mind so much.... yeah i know it's a bit LAME to think like that... but it's the positive side of getting stolen... m i right?
so on top of my opinion i think that thinking positive and just chill will help the most when someone in trouble... trouble'll keep coming... it's just how YOU handle it :)
ok then gtg!!! hav a positive mind guys!!!

"imagination's key of determination, what you think most likely is what you do"


p.s : escaping from troubles will not help(make the condition better) at all 8-)