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Monday, March 10, 2008

hi all =D, ima's writing in t3h rain , so sorry if i write nything wrong xD as usual i m sian and! goin to write sumthing that could affect a person, by feeling or physically & that thing is simply call "words".
what is word?
word is like a unit of languages that carries a certain meaning or used together with other words to form a "meaning".That simple right =) , so todeh i m goin to about power of words and life n death determined by words.

WORDS affect someone in 3 ways which were:
-words that said by other ppl
are words that indirectly heard / 2nd-hand information from other ppl, and the way it react is depend on relation to another person,for example: B shouted vulgar to A(whooo algebra nxt term xD) and it was overheard by A's friend,and A's fren go bash B.So relation is not only BGR(ask me @schl if u don't kno) but oso friendship.

-words that said by other ppl "to us"
haha, this one my favorite de.This are words that told directly to us.The best thing is that we can think about it , either positively or negatively.These words are precious because, someone out thr actually care enough to talk to you, so juz pay attention to what they hav to say .But of cos , if 10 ppl want to talk to you at same time , you can/may tell them to shut up :P

-words that said to ourselves
Wow... this is chimp ok...
These words are summary of what other ppl hav done for you to yourselves. Maybe by word or physically.This is the time for you to either think negative or positive fully, meaning NO AGAK2!!!! Of course everyone would like to think positively , but what make ppl mixed up is that between borchup(don't care) n negative.Borchup is not positive .For example :

-borchup-i punch u , u dont care

-negative-i punch u , u punch me back n we got fight

So????What is positive then???
-positive-i punch u , u defend uself by running or punch me back , but main interest is to defend urself

I dunno if i m wrong anot , but i think that we all r very sensitive to words , but we shouldn't live by what others told us(direct or indirectly) ,instead we live to be the best!! XD ok then i need to goh x3hopefully it helps, enjoy holidays peeps!!!
"GUNs DON't KILL pEople , PEoPle Kill People"
sry abit messy i screw up the font
P.S:Kayao i m not (ab)using the blog to train my debate xD