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Ahmad ibrahim secondary!
Class of 2008 , 1e4 (:
made up of 38 kiddies & 1 Mr Ong :D

forever united!

class motto :
Didn't make sense not to live for fun

form teacher mr ong
intellecture CL vaithiesis
moral CL unni
physical CL fiona
social CL linda
asthetics CL lydia

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Class list!
1. Alvin Woo : Band
2. Brendon Teo : Band
3. Chenhui : CO
4. Aric Chong: CO
5. Danial Mirza : Scouts
6. Fiona Thng : Dance Ensemble, Leo Club
7. Unni : ODDS
8. Goh Quanen : SJAB
9. Kevin Zoe : Track
10.Ko Kayau : ODDS
11.Benjamin Lew : NCC Land
12.Linda Lim : Dance Ensemble , Leo Club
13.Lim Shuyu : CO
14.Lydia Wong : CO
15.Nadiah : Netball
16.Ng Junyang : Band
17.Ng Jingkang : Shooting
18.Ngoh Maywan : CO
19.Izzuddin : NCC land
20.Marcus Puah : Basketball
21.Shaik : Band
22.Sherilyn : Netball
23.Sheryl : Netball
24.Sia Jiaheng : NCC Land
25.Elvin Sim : Basketball
26.Nuraisyah : Shooting
27.Sufia : Netball
28.Marina : Shooting
29.Ervin : basketball
30.Qiu Ling : Girlguides
31.Weijie : NCCland
32.Yonghuat : Track
33.Toni : ODDS, art club
34.Vaithieis : ODDS
35.Wilbert : Basketball
36.Cheeseng : NPCC
37.Junwei : NCCsea
38.Weida : ODDS
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Hello! What are you doing here? 2E4 2009

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hullo all xD, i just got sian after chores so i post stuff lor!!!
as i washing a knife
i hold it tight AND.... coated it with mama lemon n rinse it.
haha holding knife remind me of emoing , what is emo n why ppls emo ?? Let me explain la, plz correct me if i'm wrong '_'

what is emo?
"nonsense word"-mr cheak
nuuuu i disagree with mr cheak,cause emo is very colourful word ( black n white :)
according to wiki emo is :someone who
has associated emo with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angsty(fear or anxious not typo of angry)which can lead to / together with depression,self-injury(YAY cutting!!)&suicide(i really don't like wiki sometime , dead ppl can't emo right ~_~)
so , emo can lead to death by all means for example:
-depression can lead to suicide
-cutting(self-injury) arteries n let your blood oozed out like in happy tree friend
to most ppl opinion emo = keep quiet in some corner+became stone + [do funny stuff]
why do people emo?
"You may not like the condition you are in but that's not the reason why you should hate yourself"-mr Fong
uhm.... mostly cause... his/her life is miserable la.but he/she must ask themselves these question:
-who make the life miserable?

-what could i had done?

-what are my mistake?

-did i try to defend myself?(op question)

n then try to make the condition better rather than stoning around(EMO!!!!)
the condition we are in now is what we have aready done, no point regret mah, it's either learn from it n forget it or learn from it n make the condition better
what can i do?
this is total joke category cause time is 11pm i need to sleep x__X
-instead of cutting youself, watch other ppl cutting themselves at youtube -.-"

-instead of cutting youself, wash the knife with mama lemon

-ask me for advices :D(this can be joke or otherwise hehe....)

-instead of stoning around!!! just go ki-siao(berserk o.o?) at 1e4 wheee!!!!xD

ok then that's all my post hopefully it help :P
"if you are KO don't EMO !!!"